Pickup Truck Inserts

  • Turn your pickup truck into a dump truck for the fraction of the cost.
  • The ideal solution for hauling firewood, topsoil, gravel, mulch, grain, and much more.
  • Hydraulically operated, the dumper can unload 5,200 pounds (or 2 cubic yards) in less then 30 seconds with the push of a button.
  • Built to outlast your pickup truck. (12 gauge sides, 10 gauge floor.)
  • Durable powder coat finish. (Custom colours available.)
  • Improved designs for better and easier use!


Standard Features

12 Volt Monarch Pump.

This pump uses the vehicle battery as it's energy source. it has a 5,200 pound payload capacity and lifts to a 47° angle.

User-Friendly Tailgate System.

Our new patented design, built with stainless steel components. The tailgate has a three-stage safety feature, locking the top or bottom, and transport mode completely locks the dumping handle. It operates safely and easily- with one hand.

Pivot Points.

All pivot points are greased using threaded zirks strategically placed for easy access. The dumper is assembled with grade 8 bolts.

Rubber Pucks.

.Dump box sits on rubber pucks bolted to the bottom frame to eliminate metal-to-metal rattling noises while driving.

Fork Entries.

The fork entries at the back of the dumper allows you to move and lift the dumper quickly and easily during shipping and installation. Also handles safely- handle as easy as regular skids.

Stake Pockets.

The dumper has 8 (2"x4") biult-in stake pockets per unit. Let's you add side extentions to add upto 3 extra yards.

Clampdown Brackets.

Easy to install with just a 4 bolt clampdown system. This system is designed to fit on all brand chasis.

Safety Lever.

The lever blocks the whole unit for safe maintenance and repair jobs. The lever is secured by a square tube and flips up to store away.


Cab Protector.

The cab protector protects your pickup truck cab from the materials you are hauling.


Side Extensions.

Our side extensions are made from treated cedar-tone wood. They add an additional 3 cubic yards to the the dumper. (5 cubic yards in total.)


Replacement Tailgate Spreader.

Remove the tailgate and add our all stainless steel spreader. The spreader can spread rock salt, or any free flowing granular materials and chemicles in an adjustable spread range of 4' to 24'. The Spreader is equipped with an in-cab independent variable speed control box, controlling the spinner and auger.

-12 volt DC spinner motor: 54 AMP/620 RPM

-12 volt DC auger gear motor: 50 AMP/30 RPM 1,042 In/Ibs

-14" poly spinner

-Over-all dimensions: 64.5" W x 31" H x 16.5" D


Roller Tarp Kit.

Securing the load during transport, the tarp is made from tough mesh material. It cleans up easily by cranking the tarp roller. The dumper has built in hooks at the rear to secure and hold the tarp in place, without having to use bungee cords or tie downs.

Wireless Remote Control.

The remote controlled dumping control system lets you move around and monitor the area during operation within a 100" range. Also convenient for less mobile users.

Size and Dimension Specs