Tow Dumper

  • The tow behind dumper is a perfect add-on for your golf cart, lawn vehicle, ATV, gator, and more.
  • Comes with all the options and features of our high quality OCF dumpsters, designed to be towed.
  • Can replace renting or hiring bigger equipment to do small jobs.
  • Durable powder coat finish.


Off-Road and Highway Tires.

Our standard tires are rated for highway and off-road use. The tires and axels come in various weight ratings depending on customer application.

Tough Steel Fenders.

Solid, tough fenders to keep the tow dumper clean.


All tow dumpers are sold with a height adjusting jack to make hooking and unhooking simple and easy.

2" Ball Hitch.

All tow dumpers come with a bolt-on 2" ball hitch.

Size and Dimension Specs