Self-Dumping Hopper

  • Durable powder coat finish in any color of your choice.
  • Strategically placed center of gravity for easy use.
  • Removeable pin system allows for easy, user friendly repairs.
  • Custom designed models available.
  • Lot's of options to choose from.

Options and Features

Removable Pin System

The pin, which quides the dumping and attaches the hopper to the base, is removable. Remove just 4 bolts to detached the hopper from the base for quick, easy maintenance.

Polyurethane Casters.

Rigid and swivel casters available on all sizes.

Liquid Drain.

For outdoor and indoor applications. Retain or carry liquids by blocking/sealing the drain, or simply remove the plug to prevent accumulation of liquids inside the hopper.

Custom Designed Lids

Hopper lids are designed using 3D-CAD software to customer specs.

Standard (pull-up) Lever System.

Lift the lever to dump the hopper. The main lever is held in place by a smaller safety lever in such a way that the dumpster can't be dumped accidently.

Spring Loaded (pull-down) Lever System.

Pull or push the lever down to dump the hopper. This design is safe when dumping at heights- can be dumped from the ground.

Size and Dimension Specs